About the 4 domains

T4D is a leadership philosophy for interactions patterned after Jesus’ ministry. Every interaction falls within one of four domains: Self, Corner, Team, Crowd. Properly identifying these interactions allows you to apply the right skills to the right conversations so that every level of your organization can increase productivity, strengthen problem solving, build meaningful engagement, develop independent leaders and make an ETERNAL impact.

We meet pastors all the time who want to build churches that have growing resources and influence. It’s a difficult mission. There aren’t always enough people who are participating and investing. You work yourself to the bone to try and make up for the lack. And, it’s absolutely a battle worth fighting because there are real, hurting people who need the love of Jesus. We completely understand. We’ve been there. We have over 30 years of ministry experience and have been in that same battle. We’ve designed The 4 Domains program to help pastors and church staffs see growth through intentional interactions in four critical areas.

Domain: Self

Before Jesus started his ministry, He was baptized and then spent 40 days in the wilderness being tempted. His first mission was to build and fortify his mental, physical and spiritual health.

Self is the domain dealing with our own health. It’s where we rest, recharge, refocus and find inspiration.

Domain: Corner

Jesus had three disciples that were considered closer to him than all the others. We generally call them “the inner circle.”

Corner is made up of experienced, wise and trustworthy people that you are able to go to for clarity, information, and support. Imagine a boxer without anyone in his corner. Even the most talented boxers in the world need support and perspective from people around them.

Domain: Team

Jesus had 12 men that were a huge part of His ministry. These people acted as an extension of Jesus.

Team is where find your most powerful engagement. This is the staff meetings, the committees, the planning sessions. This is where you plan, equip and develop people who are a direct extension of yourself.

Domain: Crowd

Sometimes Jesus ministered to people individually. Sometimes he ministered to thousands at a time. These people didn’t see every conversation behind closed doors. They weren’t a part of planning His and the disciples’ next trip. These were people who only saw a finished product.

Crowd is the most diverse and unpredictable of the domains. Often, they only see or experience the end result of what is implemented. This is where people can be impacted and activated at the highest scale.

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Experience The Four Domains philosophy at work in your organization today. Have your entire team take the assessment and compare results to quickly identify weak points or areas where you have the most potential to capitalize.

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